Country campaigns

Countries in Eastern Europe and other regions can be countries of origin (source), transit and destination of trafficking. Victims are trafficked to Western and Central Europe, neighbouring Asian countries, the USA and Latin America. About 20 countries in Eastern Europe have ratified the Trafficking Protocol. In addition, Eastern European States, as Members of the Council of Europe, are opened to ratify the 2005 Council of Europe Convention on Action against Human Trafficking.

The Two Little Girls Campaign in East Europe (funded by Comic Relief, the Tudor Trust and others) started in January 2009 and will continue into 2015. The campaign is now reaching new countries outside of Eastern Europe including - Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkey. The film campaign has been distributed by specialist organisations, individuals, government agencies, International NGOs and the media. The Two Little Girls film has been seen by thousands of young people in schools, in specially dedicated workshops, through youth networks, festivals and much more. To find out about our individual in-country campaigns please explore the country maps below.

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