Campaign Presentation Istanbul, Turkey

Emma Boyd, co-campaign manager for Two Little Girls was invited to speak at the British Consulate in Istanbul on 24 January 2014 to present the Two Little Girls prevention campaign to invited participants working in the areas of migration and trafficking. The event focused on trafficking and prevention mechanisms in Turkey and the region and was intended as an opportunity for networking amongst the wider anti-trafficking sector.After opening remarks from the British Consulate General Leigh Turner representatives from the IOM and other NGO's working on migration and trafficking spoke about the situation in Turkey.

Although Two Little Girls is aimed at source countries some of the representatives recognised a need for this kind of prevention campaign particularly in regards to the growing number of refugees from Syria to Turkey who are being increasingly targeted by traffickers. Turkey is a major destination country for women and children from Eastern Europe and Russia but victim identification is very difficult. NGO's struggle to receive the support they need to work with such vulnerable and marginalised people and limited financial support from the government makes it impossible to carry out the critical work that is required. Stigma attached to prostitutes in Turkey by the police and general public makes identifying women and children who have been trafficked into prostituation very difficult. This is a major part of the problem where education and the training of frontline professionals and general awareness raising is needed. For more information about trafficking in Turkey visit IOM Turkey here.

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