Executive Summary and Full Evaluation Report 2014

The Two Little Girls campaign was launched in 2008 with the aim of raising awareness of the risks of trafficking amongst young people in Eastern European countries. An external evaluation of the campaign was carried out by M & E Consulting in 2014.

The campaign

The Two Little Girls (TLG) campaign is focused on the dissemination of a short, animated film based on the experiences of five Albanian women who had been trafficked to the UK. The campaign has been led by a small team in London who identified lead organisations in fourteen Eastern European countries and provided them with support, resources and a small budget to roll out the campaign in each country.

Lead organisations in the fourteen countries delivered a range of activities that varied according to their particular context. However, core activities in all countries included:

  • screenings of the TLG film

  • workshops for young people

  • distribution of the TLG film to other agencies

  • training sessions and resources for professionals

  • meetings and conferences to engage other agencies in the campaign

  • awareness-raising through the media

The evaluation

M & E Consulting were commissioned by the UK TLG team to help them monitor and evaluate the campaign and carry out an external evaluation of the campaign. The evaluation also involved visiting Albania and Lithuania in order to produce in-depth case studies; these can be found at:



The fourteen countries were Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Transnistria (which is an independent territory but is internationally recognised as part of Moldova) and Ukraine.


  • Across the fourteen countries involved in the TLG campaign, lead organisations ran nearly 1,300 workshops during which over 26,000 young people viewed the film and took part in discussions about the issues raised in the film.

  • Many of the lead organisations developed additional resources such as booklets, leaflets and stickers which were given to the young people who attended workshops. In all, over 160,000 pieces of printed material were given out to young people.

  • Lead organisations reported that they trained almost 800 young people to disseminate TLG materials in order to raise awareness of trafficking amongst their peers.

  • Over 2,000 teachers, social pedagogues, school directors and school counsellors were trained to use the TLG film and materials in their work. Education modules were developed in seven countries, which became part of the national curriculum in Albania, Serbia and parts of Bosnia Herzegovina.

  • It is estimated that over 150,000 young people saw the TLG film as a result of the wider dissemination of the film by other organisations.

  • Over 1,300 government officials attended events run by the campaign in the different countries.

  • The film was aired on national TV in ten countries with an estimated audience of more than 11 million.


  • The final evaluation showed that the TLG campaign had been highly successful in reaching young people at risk as well as carrying out awareness-raising amongst the general public. It also found evidence that young people who had watched the film and attended workshops had a better understanding of trafficking and how they could keep themselves safe.

  • In addition, professionals working with young people had benefited from the training and resources provided by the campaign and were more able to help young people understand the risks of trafficking.

  • Furthermore, the campaign appeared to have had some impact on policy makers and government agencies; in some cases, it had resulted in changes in anti-trafficking policy.

  •  There was also evidence that the campaign has gone beyond its immediate target group

    and brought about changes at a wider level as the film continues to be used in schools and colleges and by other NGOs.

  •  In addition, the campaign had enabled lead organisations to become stronger and more sustainable by increasing their credibility in the sector, fostering new partnerships at various levels, and helping them to develop new ways of working.

    Key learning

  • The use of a short, animated film and the quality of the film itself were key factors in creating a product which inspired lead organisations to get involved with the campaign and which appealed to young people and other stakeholders.

  • The experience of the UK TLG team and their supportive approach were important factors in the effective management of the campaign; without this central core of extremely dedicated, passionate individuals, it is unlikely the campaign would have been as effective as it has clearly been.

  • A small amount of funding and resources can generate dramatic results. The TLG film acted as a spark that ignited anti-trafficking campaigns in different countries. Once ignited, that spark enabled each campaign to develop a life of its own, taking its reach far beyond the original plans.

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